Artificial Intelligence and the New Set of Software


With technology growing like never before, it is no surprise that man has found a way to evolve beyond the highly rated innovation called the INTERNET. After a major breakthrough in technology, of which the internet was discovered, it was believed that this is was the apex and peak of modern-day technology and very few could see artificial technology coming, However with a man being an insatiable being, the quest and crave for advancement had paid off, As today the world has turned its gear to the trending innovation the Artificial Intelligence”

But like just like Schumpeter said in his theory of creative destruction “New technology destroys old ones and new innovation makes old ones obsolete” This is very much true with artificial technology, as its boom comes along with a new set of software and interface.

It is however very important that software engineers, take cognizance of this trend and beef up their products in a bid to march up this trend or face the threats of becoming obsolete and extinct.

Software and Artificial Intelligence

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The artificial intelligence is a set of applications that is based on human mimicked automation, where machines are designed to carry out high interface tasks with specially designed crack codes and machine language. However, just like other innovations, artificial intelligence requires not just software but a higher interface software to be able to perform its operation.

For artificial intelligence to perform fully it needs dynamic and compatible software. This criterion is not negotiable at all. Over the years the development of software was bound for personal computers PC and central processing units CPU but as technology grew, with innovations like laptops, IPod, metrological Systems, the software world advanced as well.

The Software works in a dynamic way as a radar of functionality, giving the robotic structure the necessary algorithm and machine language it needs for it to operate. More simplified the AI software is like the engine of the whole robotic system. The scope of robotics is wide-ranging from military to health and up to medicine. These different kinds of  different class of software and the more complex robots the more the higher software it needs for it to operate efficiently.

Google Assistant

Google assistant serves as a virtual assistant, which could be operated on mobile phones, especially with the android and IOS. It is a key operator of AI and can be used to decode information and identify objects. It is usually transcribed in different languages such as English, French, German, Portuguese, and Japan, etc. 

Key benefits

  • It aids sharp visual recognition of information and data contents.
  • It heavily supports a two-way conversation operation and helps run its detective setting.
  • It aids and provides an avenue for easy search of information on the internet.
  • It enhances alarm and event scheduling  


Cortana is one of the top brand AI software in the market. It operates with systemization and optimization, it serves as a web resource tool to promote web searches and optimization, its largely used by Microsoft and it’s used to run windows phones.

Key benefit

  • It provides and enhances more data transcript resources that would aid operation performance.
  •  It enhances connectivity.


This software is often used for collation and organization of data resources. It is very essential in organizing and processing huge and complex data. This software is often used in intelligence and statistic agency.

Key benefits

  • It helps in organizing a huge amount of data that is used by AI.
  • It promotes a higher interface.

Google cloud engine

This is a modeling class of software that is used in artificial intelligence. It helps to upgrade and model samples used in AI. These model samples are used as an exact pattern in robotics which aids its mode of operation.

Key benefits

  • It aids event scheduling
  • It helps organize a large amount of data
  • It promotes a higher user interface

H20 AI

H20 AI is a machine-based algorithm software that is used for marketing, housing, and telecom and in a lot of fields. It operates along with machine languages such as L-Python, and R- Python. It is widely used by a lot of software engineer and globally, it has developed a reputation as major software for complex operations

Key benefits

  • It enhances the operation of several functional algorithm and linear codes, this eventually would lead to better processing of data.
  • This software makes access and usage of the robotic device easy to use and understand.
  • It increases the speed of the device operation.

 Application of Artificial intelligence

  • Healthcare

With AI, surgical robotics would now be used as surgeons and health care workers

  • Military and security

AI can be applied in military, space warship and as security officers

  • Agriculture

In agriculture, AI offers a much more convenient path to farming and food security

  • Banking and Finance

With AI, code and cyber robots are used to organize finance data

  • Engineering

The engineering sector is one indeed the prime hit of AI insurgence, ranging from automobile to mechanical.

The Future of Software and Artificial Intelligence

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With technology advancing daily, it is no surprise that the steel and metallic era is gone and that the mainstay is now the internet and artificial intelligence. Much more than the steel era the AI is going to influence and change our lives. From agriculture, Healthcare, Engineering, Military, and even religion, the influence of artificial intelligence shall leave out.

It is therefore important that all innovation must be geared towards AI whether in software development, Car manufacturing, etc. And failure to keep up with this pace would lead to creative destruction and extinction.

The future of software ever remains in the driving wheels of artificial intelligence and the earlier software engineers begin to capitalize on this innovation, the better for them. Reliance on an old software would automatically lead to extinction and only the early birds that provides the software that improves and promotes the use of AI and robotics would strive in today’s modern-day. 

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